The Association's top management selected Russia as the venue for the 30th Anniversary IASGO World Congress. This historical event for the Russian medical community will be held in Moscow on September 9-12, 2018.
The International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists has been engaged in promoting medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies since 1988. IASGO holds dozens of educational efforts every year, providing access to information on the most efficient and safest treatment methods for gastro-intestinal cancers to physicians worldwide.
Its official World Congress is IASGO's largest-scale, most representative and high-profile event. It is held in one of the Association member states - the country with proven high level of medical technologies and readiness to host IASCO's main event - every year.

The Association's top management selected Russia as the venue for the 30th Anniversary IASGO World Congress. This historical event for the Russian medical community will be held in Moscow on September 9-12, 2018. Burnazyan Federal Medical and Biophysical Center at FMBA of Russia, IASGO's official representative in Russia, is the lead arranger of the Congress.
IASGO Congress is perceived as the promoter of advanced technologies worldwide. It is there that the innovative equipment is displayed and information on new, more efficient methods to be introduced to medical practices and to improve the patient's life quality is made available.
The trend of recent years were low-invasive technogies that will be extensively covered in the forthcoming event.

The scientific program is unique by its diversity. Participants will discuss the diagnosis and treatment of gastro-intestinal cancers, liver and pancreas cancers, liver transplantation, the opportunities created by molecular and genetic technologies, mini invasive and combined treatment and a whole range of related topics. Treatment technologies and efficiency are in the focus.
IASGO Congresses usually gather at least 2,500 participants from 80-100 countries.
The leading professionals from Europe, Asia, North America and post-Soviet space, the total of over 100 world medicine leaders, will gather in Moscow for several days.
Including IASGO President Masatoshi Makuuchi, well-knowl French surgeons Henri Bismouth and Daniel Jack, and also Peter Claven, developer of the modern classification of surgical implications, Enrike Moreno Gonsalez and Sun Gyu Lee, heads of the world's biggest transplantology centers, and others.

The event will be also attended by globally recognized Russian experts: A.Sh. Revishvili, Chief Freelance Surgeon of the Russian Ministry of Health, Director of A.V. Vishnevsky Institute (Federal State-Owned Budgetary Institution), M.I. Davydov, Chief Freelance Oncologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, Director of N. Blokhin Russian Oncological Scientific Center (Federal State-Owned Budgetary Institution), RAS Academician, V.A. Vishnevsky, President of CIS Association of Hepatologists and Surgeons, Head of the Department for Surgery of Liver, Bilial Ducts and Pancreas, A. Vishnevsky Surgery Institute (Federal State-Owned Budgetary Institution), . Yu.A. Shelygin, Chief Freelance Coloproctologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, Director of the National Scientific Coloproctology Center, President of the Russian . Coloproctologists, E.I. Galperin, Honorary President of Association of CIS Surgeons and Herpetologists, I.I. Zatevakhin, President of the Russian . Society of Surgeons, and others.
The conference is interdisciplinary and unites the specialists who need to keep in close touch with each other. surgeons of different specialization, transplantologists, oncologists, gastroenterologists, anesthesia care providers, resuscitationists, chemotherapists, radiologists, etc.
Thus, the International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists states that treatment of complex diseases requires multi-disciplinary approach, and success depends on each specialist in the chain: from diagnostician to resuscitationist; and broad attendance of the participating countries proves there are no boundaries in medicine, and progress takes the experience exchange. The 28th World Congress of the International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists will become such multi-disciplinary and international event.
Среди них президент IASGO Масатоши Макуучи, известные французские хирурги Анри Бисмут и Дениэл Джек, разработчик современной классификации хирургических осложнений Питер Клавен, руководители крупнейших в мире трансплантологических центров Энрике Морено-Гонсалес и Сун-Гю Ли и другие. Будут и признанные на международном уровне российские эксперты – главный внештатный хирург Минздрава РФ, Директор ФГБУ «Институт хирургии имени А.В. Вишневского» А. Ш. Ревишвили, главный внештатный онколог Минздрава РФ, директор ФГБУ «Российский онкологический научный центр им. Н.Н. Блохина», академик РАН М. И. Давыдов, Президент ассоциации хирургов-гепатологов стран СНГ, руководитель отделения хирургии печени, желчных путей и поджелудочной железы ФГБУ «Институт хирургии им. А.В. Вишневского» В. А. Вишневский, главтый внештатный колопроктолог Минздрава РФ, директор Государственного Научного Центра Колопроктологии, Президент Ассоциации колопроктологов России Ю. А. Шелыгин, почётный Президент ассоциации хирургов-герпетологов стран СНГ Э.И. Гальперин, Президент Российского общества хирургов, академик РАН И. И. Затевахин и другие.

Традиционно Конгрессы IASGO собирают не менее 2500 участников из 80-100 стран. Встреча носит междисциплинарный характер и объединяет представителей тех специальностей, которым необходимо тесно взаимодействовать друг с другом: хирургов различного профиля, трансплантологов, онкологов, гастроэнтерологов, анестезиологов-реаниматологов, химиотерапевтов, радиологов и других. Таким образом, Международная ассоциация хирургов, гастроэнтерологов и онкологов заявляет, что лечение сложных заболеваний требует мультидисциплинарного подхода и успех одинаково зависит от каждого в цепочке специалистов – от диагноста до реабилитолога; а широкое представительство стран-участников говорит о том, что в медицине не существует границ и прогресс невозможен без взаимного обмена опытом. Именно такой площадкой – мультидисциплинарной и межнациональной станет 28 Всемирный Конгресс Международной ассоциации хирургов, гастроэнтерологов и онкологов.