REASONS TO ATTEND IASGO 2018 CONGRESS. Responded by Dr. Elroy Patrick Weledji
- A few words about the topic of your lecture: what is it about? Why this topic is important to discuss?
The topic of my lecture is 'Intestinal metaplasia and anastomotic recurrence of gastric cancer'. Survival following curative surgery (R0) for early gastric cancer has increased but, at present, there are no recognized good markers of gastric dysplasia or cancer. Following a literature study on intestinal metaplasia of the stomach it was ascertained that residual premalignant, incomplete (type III) IM may predispose to anastomotic recurrence of gastric cancer. Endoscopic surveillance should not only be focused on the anastomotic site as in benign disease, but also on the rest of the gastric remnant.
- What are your expectations from visiting Moscow during the Congress?
I have great expectations for the 30th anniversary of IASDO in Russia especially with the provision of some excellent workshops on surgical oncology such as gastric, liver or colorectal surgery for cancer.
Dear participants of the 30th Anniversary World Congress IASGO 2018! Dr. Elroy Patrick Weledji is one of the speakers who is going to meet with you on 9-12 September.
BSc, MSc, MB BCH BAO, FRCS, Gastrointestinal Surgeon and Senior Lecturer of Anatomy and Surgery, University of Buea, Cameroon.