Representatives of the scientific community, professional field scientists as well as young researchers (PhD students) are invited to be speakers at the conference and to submit their abstracts. The advantage in selecting abstracts for presentation will be given to works devoted to the results of your own research (initiative, international clinical studies, abstracts that contain an analysis on the basis of the applied research).
Abstracts submition
In the Personal account on the site of the event, in the Submission of abstracts, all fields have to be filled in. Pictures are attached separately (if they are exist)
Page limit
1 page A4 – 2,500 characters without spaces (appr. 350-400 words), title, authors and affiliations are not included in the word limit
Abstract text
can be submitted only in English (for foreign and Russian speakers and participants) including not more than one illustration (figure, table, chart) which is separately attached to the application
The organization's name
If there are several authors and they work in different organizations, the initials are followed by a superscript (1, 2, etc.) corresponding to the organization mentioned below under the same number. If there is just one author or all authors work in the same organization, there should be no superscripts. First comes the institution where the First author works. The format is: full name of the institution, city and country
Figures, tables and graphics
should be presented in a black-and-white or colored variant, and attached in a separate file while submitting the abstract
The name of abstract
At the end of the title the dot is not set. The title of the report should not include abbreviations
The names of presenting authors
In the list of authors a Surname should come first, then Full name and Middle name of each author. Co-authors have to be separated by commas with the reference to superscript
Suggested content abstract
Relevance, object, materials and methods, results, conclusions
The abstract submission deadline is July 7, 2018